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How to Help an Addict You Care About

Should I choose a residential or outpatient program? What is the right length of stay for an individual in treatment? How will you know when they are ready to discharge? Is coming home post treatment the right answer? These are all questions that families ask as they are trying to hel
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Is My Child Using Adderall?

For decades now the medical field has attempted to help ease young and old alike that suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD). A lot of people get helped by this medication and others like it; Ritalin, Vyvanse, Dexedrine, Dextro
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photo of an upset woman with her head in her hands - suicide in addiction - freedom interventions

Suicide in Addiction

There is a common factual theme that one might hear about addiction; addiction kills. Whether it be an overdose, alcohol poisoning, sending yourself into cardiac arrest, a drunk driving accident, or suicide in addiction, it pains me to see how many lives are lost because of this insid
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photo of a yellow warning sign - signs of addiction - freedom interventions

Signs of Addiction

Whether you have a teenager, young adult, or adult loved one that you are concerned about the signs of addiction are all the same. With spring breaks happening, and the soon summer break where you will be spending more family time together, it is useful to be aware of what some of the
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photo of one of the fatal accidents at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2014 - SXSW Deaths - Freedom Interventions

SXSW Deaths

The SXSW deaths that happened in Austin, TX, in my own back yard, have now sparked an epoch in the awareness of flaws in our system, the problems of alcoholism, and the stigmas that we place on those suffering from addiction. It is sad that every time there is a celebrity death, or a
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Celebrity Overdose

Another Celebrity Overdose Watching television nowadays breaks my heart. Another celebrity overdose. Sadly, this isn’t the first time, nor is it the only time today that someone has died from drugs. It seems that every time a celebrity overdoses on drugs the media is all over it
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photo of hands holding a bag of methamphetamine - Freedom Interventions


There are a lot of stereotypes regarding crystal meth, and of what the users look like. While, to an extent these are true, only regarding these preconceived ideas may impede you from noticing a loved in the midst of meth addiction. Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug, and is highly a
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Sizzurp is nothing new to the drug world. It has other alias’ such as syrup, lean, and drank. It becomes more popular in the media’s eyes every couple of years due to musicians such as lil Wayne, Pimp C, and now Justin Bieber’s use of this drug. Stars do have a way t
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photo of the palm of a hand pushing away with head turned - when they say no - freedom interventions

When They Say ‘No’

Arriving at the point when your loved one is in need of an intervention can be a heartbreaking time. The disease of addiction tears families apart, creates despair, and is a fatal insidious disease. You may have watched your loved one build up a great future for themselves and then su
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photo of prescription medication spilling from an open bottle - the abuse of prescription medications - freedom interventions

The Abuse of Prescription Medications

Opiates, Benzodiazapines and stimulant ADD or ADHD medications are quickly becoming the gateway drugs of the new generation. It used to be that parents needed to be watchful for marijuana and alcohol use. These days young and old alike are becoming dependent on medications that are be
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