photo of a lonely man sitting against a wall with his shadow cast beside him - Freedom Interventions - who needs intervention

Who needs intervention?

You might be asking, when is this step imperative to my loved one getting well? Who needs intervention? We see people going and checking themselves into treatment facilities, or expressing that they, themselves, are aware that they need help. This usually happens when the reality of t
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photo of two hands tied with a measuring tape in front of a plate with a bell pepper on it - Freedom Interventions - eating disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are the deadliest of any mental illness. They are so secretive and very hard to see in your loved one. Many people suffering from eating disorders do not seek help due to that fact and due to how difficult it is for your loved one to ask for help. As with most addicti
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image of stick figures holding hands and a thin and thick stick figure separate from the group - Freedom Interventions - Eating Disorder Interventions

Eating Disorder Interventions

Before staring off discussing eating disorder interventions, it is important to state how medically severe eating disorders are. As interventionists, we are not medical professionals. Eating disorders are fatal. There is no telling which purge might take the life of your loved one. Di
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photo of a worried man with his head in his hand - how to handle a relapse

How to Handle a Relapse

There is a myth which continues to be perpetuated both by recovery professionals and those outside the treatment industry in regards to how to handle a relapse.  I often hear people say “relapse is a part of recovery.”  I want to go on record and say that this is categorically false! 
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Parents argue while small child cries - addiction, recovery and the family

Addiction, Recovery and the Family

Addiction impacts the family in a variety of ways. This might seem like a pretty obvious statement, but reflecting on addiction and substance abuse in my own family, I realized how many subtle ways the disease and the process of recovery has affected my family and relationships betwee
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man staring at his feet - what causes addiction

What Causes Addiction?

Witnessing another celebrity die to this disease, I’ve read so many articles on the matter. And this is heartbreaking in so many ways. This disease is fatal, regardless of what material things you may or may not have. People die every day. What disturbs me regarding this, besides that
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woman covering ears and screaming - confrontation vs intervention

Confrontation vs Intervention

When one thinks of intervention there are various conceptions of what that might look like. It might be the conception that the interventionist is going to bust into the house, cause a chaotic scene, and force the addict to go to treatment. Or maybe that the family is going to shame t
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Popular Culture and Addiction

Drug use and addiction is often subtly celebrated in our society. Few would directly condone substance abuse or praise someone’s serious personal affliction, but some of the famous personalities and icons we grant distinction, and even admire, achieve cultural significance, at least i
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Hands together - family addiction support

Addiction Family Support

“I’m not the addict. Why do I have to go to meetings or therapy?” As a professional interventionist one of the biggest points of resistance I face with addiction family support is the challenge to get families to engage in a recovery process of their own.  After the
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Kratom effects mimic stimulants AND opiates – DEA warns of dangers

Kratom is another name for the leaves of the mitragyna speciaosa tree.  While the tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia and the leaves have been used for medicinal purposes in that region for centuries we are seeing an increase in use for recreational purposes in the US.  The leaves ar
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