photo of a worried man with his head in his hand - how to handle a relapse

How to Handle a Relapse

There is a myth which continues to be perpetuated both by recovery professionals and those outside the treatment industry in regards to how to handle a relapse.  I often hear people say “relapse is a part of recovery.”  I want to go on record and say that this is categorically false! 
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EKG of a heartbeat - treatment aftercare and monitoring

Treatment Aftercare & Monitoring

When referring to treatment aftercare in the addiction recovery realm, we’re referring to the support services and systems to the both the recovering addict after drug and alcohol treatment and to other involved people, such as family members and significant relationships. By this tim
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Spiritual Solution

I wanted to write a post about the spiritual solution of recovery. I have been reading the headlines lately and I’m quite disturbed. I see things like “Should We Use LSD to Treat Alcoholism?” and “Heroin is the New Methadone.” As good intentioned as these proposed solutions may be, I
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Willingness To Go To Any Length

Willingness to Go to Any Length As people in recovery we have all experienced what is required to maintain long term sobriety. Remember back to those early days when we thought it was just enough to be drug/alcohol free. We had every reason to take the steps toward sobriety because we
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Surrender to Win

Surrender is the ACTION that an addict or alcoholic takes which culminates in a successful first step experience. We finally succumb to the fact that life lived under our own power is hopeless and futile. Several years ago I was at a speaker meeting in Palm Springs, CA where a man was
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The Importance of Community to Sobriety

One of the most common objections I encounter is, ” I can do this on my own, I don’t need anyone else’s help.” In fact, at one point in my life this flawed idea was very much a part of my own thinking. Let me first give ample credit to those individuals who have been able to conquer t
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